Tissue Arrayers


Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27

Product ID: ATA-27

The Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27 is designed for construction of high-density tissue microarray blocks fast, accurate and reliable.

Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27 is intended for laboratories requiring higher throughput in array production. It eliminates the tedious manual punching procedure from array construction workflow. After planning and designing the array layout using dedicated software, ATA-27 creates array blocks automatically using robotics to measure block heights, retrieve donor tissue cores, create holes in paraffin matrix and deposit tissue cores into holes.

Speed (cores/hour): 120-180
Max block capacity: 27
Donor block height: 4 cm

Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1

Product ID: MTA-1

Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1 is the entry-level equipment necessary to start up a productive TMA facility. It is an affordable, manually operated high-precision arraying equipment.

Skilled users can create arrays with more than 500 samples per slide with this unit.

Speed (cores/hour): 30-70*
Default block capacity: 1
Max block capacity: 4 Note! with indexer RBI-1 (optional)
Donor block height: 3 cm



The Quick Ray Master UATM-272B is a newly developed tissue microarrayer running by simply connecting to user's computer through USB port. The instrument is running with the unique UNITMA S/W based on Window7 of user's PC. The changeable tips for the desired core size of the recipient blocks has 4 different sizes which are 1mm(120 holes), 1.5mm(90 holes), 2mm(60 holes), and 3mm(30 holes). 


The Automated Tissue Microarrayer is an instrument which can pick up the sample tissue from the donor blocks and insert the sample into the correspondent hole of the pre-made recipient block automatically. This machine helps researchers to decrease the time and labor in creating the blocks by using the pre-made recipient blocks supplied by Unitma. A function of the rotary typed tip module consisting of 3 tips sized 1mm (10x12 = 120 holes, max 240 in 1 slide), 2mm (6x10 = 60 holes, max 120 in 1 slide), and 3mm (5x6=30 holes, max 60 in one slide) offer the automatic change of the desired tip.

Paraffin Block Trimmer:

The Paraffin Block Trimmer is one of the most used histology equipment used for research.

The Paraffin Block Trimmer enables the researchers to trim the paraffin blocks automatically. This instrument removes only paraffin residues around the paraffin blocks without damage to the tissue samples or the plastic cassette.