NTRK2 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit

NTRK2 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit


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The NTRK2 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit is designed to detect rearrangements in the human NTRK2 gene located on chromosome band 9q21.33. In addition to revealing breaks, which can lead to translocation of parts of the gene, inversion, or its fusion to other genes, the probe set can also be used to identify other NTRK2 aberrations such as deletions or amplifications. Rearrangements and abnormal expression of the NTRK2 gene – also known as OBHD, TRKB, trk- B, EIEE58 or GP145-TrkB - has been observed in neuroblastoma, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, Wilms’ tumors and colorectal cancer, and a number of developmental and metabolic disorders.

Intended Use: To detect rearrangements in the human NTRK2 locus situated on chromosome band 9q21.3.

LSP NTRK2 5 FISH Probe: CytoOrange
LSP NTRK2 3 FISH Probe: CytoGreen

10 Tests (100 μL)

LSP NTRK2 5’ FISH Probe covers the 5’ (start) portion of the NTRK2 locus and some adjacent genomic sequences. LSP NTRK2 3‘ FISH Probe covers sequences at the 3’ (end) of the gene. The two probes are flanking sequences across the NTRK2 locus in which variable breakpoints have been observed.

Research Use Only.

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